Egyptian Tomb Hunting With Tony Robinson

In this series Tony Robinson travels across Egypt and joins the active digs of archeologists as he tries to crack into tombs that have been shut for the last 4500 years.


Episode 1: Tony arrives in Gebel el-Silsila in central Egypt to meet egyptologists Maria Nilsson and John Ward who are working across a vast, tomb filled dig site on the Nile. At Luxor there is an astonishing new find; Tony holds the newly discovered heart of an ancient Egyptian prime minister in his hands. And in Aswan he sees beautiful hieroglyphs and extensive wall painting in tombs opened by recent looting. Finally with John and Maria, Tony descends into a vast water logged tomb and finds some astonishing discoveries.


Episode 2: Tony basis himself in Aswan in southern Egypt to follow the work of British archeologist Dr. Martin Bommas. He’s working on a necropolis, literally a ‘city of the dead’ on the hill overlooking Aswan. Tony finds a dismembered mummy on the first morning. At Saqqara Tony visits Dr. Vassil Dobrev, working at the ancient capital Memphis. They descend 25m into a shaft tomb, cut into the solid bedrock. Only a handful of people have visited this opulent tomb since it was built 4500 years ago. Back in Aswan Martin has found another new tomb – and Tony is going to be first inside.
Stripped series averaging 1.3m and considerable press interest:

Daily Mirror – Tony Robinson makes incredible 4,000-year-old discovery of Egyptian Prime Minister’s heart after mummy ‘mistake’

The Sun – Flooded Egyptian tomb stuns archaeologists as they drain it to find “human soup” burial chamber

The Express Egypt archaeologists stunned after draining flooded tomb: ‘Never found anything like it’

Series Producer/Director

Owen Rodd


Duncan Singh

Executive Producer:

Lucy van Beek

Commissioning Editor:

Lucy Willis


2x60/1x90 Channel 5 UK, France 5

Production Company: