documentary / Natural history

Secret Life of Puppies

Observational / natural history crossover series following puppies in their first 6 months of life with a smattering of science. Using new camera techniques, all shot at their level and only featuring hands / feet / voice of any humans. Helped develop and refine shooting style for the series. Directed and shot using a mixture of traditional natural history techniques and more classically constructed factual sequences.
Episode 1: Is about how puppies communicate.
Episode 2: How puppies have an innate ability to learn.
The series is distributed by BBC Studios and has been shown around the world on channels including: NHK, France 5 and SBS.

Director / Producer

Duncan Singh

Executive Producer:

Lucy van Beek

Commissioning Editor:

Sean Doyle


Channel 5 UK, France 5, NHK

Production Company:

Brook Lapping